• Ice Luges
    1/2 Size convient for a small or big event ... Weights approx 150-160 lbs No hassle to angle it because it is already carved to angle ... Last about 5-6 hrs ~ Full Size Weighs 300 lbs ... Takes about 4 people to lift last 6 hrs
  • Dry Ice
Client:San Diego ICE Co.
Date:January 06, 2012

Ice Sales

San Diego Ice Co. uses state-of-the-art equipment to pump out about one quarter of the ice used in San Diego every day. Our company has machinery running all night, and manufactures 70 tons by morning. Since our ice goes directly into bags, it can never be contaminated.

Our manufacturing capacity combined with our large storage warehouse guarantees supply during summer months.


Complete Full Service Packaged Ice
100% pure and never touched by human hands!
San Diego Ice Company’s packaged ice is offered in a variety of sizes, from small bag to bulk sales.


Ice Tubes/Cubes
Party Ice
Crushed Ice

Our blocks are 300 lbs. If your needs require 25 lb. blocks, purchase our “scored block” which can be the cut into smaller blocks of 25 lbs.







Bales are an industry term used to describe the packaging of retail bags of ice. Our bales are comprised of 6 – 7 lbs. bags of ice.






Dry Ice

Dry ice is available in block form. When dry ice is full and fresh, a fifty pound block is approximately 10″ x 10″ x 10″. A slab is approximately 10 pounds and roughly 10″ x 10″.
Dry ice is used primarily for keeping meat, fish, or ice cream frozen. It is also used for shipping laboratory samples and supplies. It works best and lasts longest in a well insulated cooler as it is constantly sublimating. You can not stop it from disappearing, but a good cooler can slow down the process



Ice Luges

Our ice luges are rectangular shaped and approximately 46″ x 22″. For easier transporting bring plastic or a blanket and if necessary for your vehicle, some tie downs. After purchase our employees will load your vehicle for free. (For us to transport the luge to your party, the fee varies from location to location, but is usually somewhere between $50 to $100, however most customers choose to pick them up at our dock and avoid this additional cost.)




Snow Scenes

Our large bags of snow are perfect for a raw bar set up, seafood or meat display. Snow ice is a very fine ice often referred to as shaved ice. We can also set up winter snow scenes for any event!

Be sure to watch us in action in our video as we decorate one of our local San Diego families front yard for the Holidays.

Watch Video






Ice Carvings on request

Our ice carvings are all made with crystal clear carving blocks. Call in or send us an email for a free quote today for your custom carving, and attach a photo of what you would like.










For Ice Sales call: 619-688-1999
For Ice Machine and Ice Merchandiser Sales and Service call: 619-296-0422
FAX: 619-688-1987